職人企劃-Zachary Widgren

職人企劃-Zachary Widgren
Zachary Widgren現代藝術創作家

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本次Dickies職人企劃請到來自美國田納西州的Zachary Widgren,在台灣待了三年的時間讓他對台灣這塊土地有相當程度的熟悉,而中間也不乏旅行於世界各地去吸取靈感,這次特別抽空接受DickiesTaiwan的訪問及拍攝。




1. Why makes you wanna paint?


I wanna see what’s in my head. analyze reality. Cuz I think a lot and my mind moves fast, when i paint it slows down me, like in a peaceful way; like I’m in my home, in my own place.


2. Is there any meaning behind your art or do you just paint and not think too much?


A lots of my art is a comment on perception and reality. Capturing little details with a light hearted approach. I like to document things I experience it is like having a conversation with the part of myself. Commenting on cultures and what I see. I don't want to make art that tells people what they should feel. It doesn’t have to be really direct or sad, I rather it be hairy and weird. Making art like this opens up more conversation for people to put their comments in. For me the world is complicated and I like making art that could offer that conversation.

Weird and confusing usually opens strange doors with conversations with people. It fun to hear what they think they see from the art. Like in a way it opens up a hidden window. I guess this is the meaning in a way. Make my art work illustrate and paint peacefully while letting all the weird conversations out.

I like making fun of humans, people are so sure of so many things, but we really don't know anything. Why give a fuck trying to know everything. Everything exist in the word “is.” No one has life figured out, just finding peace in all of it what we can do. I just like putting my life into arts. Making arts keeps me in “now,” like what I’m doing today.




3. Do your paintings feel different with the ones which you made in the state?


Materials are different for sure. Being here forces me think differently. Like not knowing language really that well. It kinda feels like being a kid again, just figuring it out through an adults eyes. It pushes me to be resourceful. I skate, ride my bike or take public transportation, instead of having to drive all the time.

I feel I have become a better listener and observer, and i like being that. it makes me more sensitive of the way people are, through mannerisms. I just think taiwan is a enjoyable and interesting place to live right now. I can disappear and appear whenever I need too. It’s an awesome place for skating. there’s so many abandoned places to explore and paint. It’s such a small island. Time seems to go so fast here because I always have things to do. Beaches, skate spots, abandoned factories, also the weird festivals are cool. 



4. Do you have any life plans or targets after?


I just really wanna make arts. When the map opens up a new place out I go. i wanna show art everywhere and anywhere. Do arts anywhere and go anywhere. I wanna see what happening actually. Take the time to see what a place can be really about. I don’t really want to think too much, i wanna skate, make arts. That’s all ok for me. I’m just making art. Now I just want to live the simple way. Don’t own a lot and slowly make my way everywhere.